Rumor: Amazon building two really powerful tablets?

Straight out of left field is news that Amazon is working on two tablets that will just about smoke what every other tablet maker's offering right now. It's important to remember that BGR is claiming these two tablets will be from Amazon, the company with a new ad-supported Kindle e-reader.

As incredible as that sounds to have an Amazon tablet with such powerful guts, it's a little tough to imagine that the online retail giant would release a quad-core tablet on such a massive scale by the end of the year. Amazon's seen tremendous demand for its e-reader, especially the latest one with ad-support, so why should it join the tablet fray? Well, there's no doubt that the success of Barnes & Noble's Nook Color might have something to do with Amazon's decision to enter the tablet market, but e-books hardly require quad-core processors.

If Amazon is really building super-beefed up tablets, then there's really only three other things those tablets might focus on: downloadable games on its Appstore and streaming movies and music from its cloud. Like all rumors, take this bit of news from BGR with a huge grain of salt or you'll feel tricked if these two tablets never materialize.

On the topic of Amazon tablets, CEO Jeff Bezos said, "Stay tuned."


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