Roof-mounted airbags make room for sexy new dashboards

You know all those sexy concept cars that we post about but you'll never be able to buy? Part of the reason that you can't buy them is that many of the sexiest are horrendously unsafe. Putting airbags in the roof instead of the dashboard could free up space for slimmer lines and more gadgetry without killing you in the process.

Airbags are obviously important, and the more of them you have the safer you are. At the same time, the more of them you have the more room they take up in your car, to the point where huge tracts of dashboard are taken up by blank, featureless plastic with explosive balloons behind them. Needless to say, it would be a bad idea to put LCD screens or projectors in there too, lest your airbags incorporate a substantial amount of glass shards into their exploding pillowy softness.

Moving airbags to the roof of your car instead of the dash means that the center of your steering wheel and the area in front of the passenger seat are now available for all kinds of fun stuff, from computer screens to augmented reality projection systems to blenders and toaster ovens. And it's gonna happen, too: TRW Corp. has a production contract from an un-named European auto manufacturer to get these things made.

TRW, via Autoblog

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