Cool Game Boy hack records your life in 8-bit

Back before there were 200-megapixel cameras and HD video recording in smartphones, there was the Game Boy Camera, a cartridge with an eyeball shaped camera attached to it. When it was released in 1998, it could only shoot still pics, but with a little modding, "kraettz" was able to hack the cam to shoot video in 8-bit glory!

Admittedly, this DIY Game Boy camcorder is not the sleekest mod (there's visible duct tape holding parts together!), but it is awesomely functional. Constructed from a Game Boy Advance, a Game Boy Camera, GBA TV converter and a portable media player with 40GB storage, the Game Boy camcorder is capable of shooting video at a mind-boggling 320x240 resolution and will last for about 50 minutes with its 9-volt battery.

I love the HD video that my iPhone 4 can shoot, but there's something nostalgic and trippy about black and white video with such crappy resolution. Video is so pixelated in an artistic way that it suddenly becomes cool. It's like shooting film and developing it yourself when everybody's moved on to digital.

Check out what happens when kraettz takes his "new" old-school camcorder to the slopes in the video below.

8bitcollective, via OhGizmo!

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