Reading Braille is a roll away with the Snail wheel

Snail is a Braille concept device that's shaped like a Rollerblade wheel (or a snail's shell) that helps make reading the bumpy printed language a much more intuitive and satisfying activity. Thanks to intelligent sensors, the visually impaired do not need to learn anything. Simply roll the Snail over any Braille and it'll convert it to speech and beam it to a paired Bluetooth headset.

Conceptualized by Wonkook Lee, the Snail was created to solve two problems with Braille: 1) re-reading previous Braille sentences and pages is difficult and 2) reading Braille with your fingers limits your reading speed and 3) it takes time to learn and become comfortable and fluent in Braille. By creating a roll-to-speech device solution, the Snail solves both all three of those problems.

While there are loads of concepts for improving Braille or even letting iPad users read Braille, the Snail looks to be the simplest one yet. Unfortunately, Wonkook Lee's Snail device is just a mere concept. That shouldn't get anyone too down though, because where there is will, there is hope.

Via YankoDesign

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