PSN and other hacked Sony services finally restored

After nearly a month of downtime, Sony's PlayStation Network online gaming service, Qriocity and Sony Online Entertainment services were finally restored in most regions in North America, Europe, Australia and Latin America over the weekend. So is the nightmare over?

For most Sony customers who suffered interrupted service, yes, it's over, for the time being. For others like the Japanese, PSN's return is being blocked by government bureaucrats who are demanding more info from Sony. While Sony's official word is that its been working around the clock to re-secure and rebuild its hacked services with added layers of protection, the culprit(s) for the attacks still remains uncaught.

Over the weekend, Bloomberg said it learned that hackers may have used an Amazon EC2 server to coordinate the sophisticated attack on Sony's PSN, SOE and Qriocity services. As you may recall, Amazon's cloud was recently in hot water for causing damaging downtime to its clients. Sony and Amazon have both remained mum on Bloomberg's report.

To those who have been affected by the entire disaster, you can finally let out all that pent up frustration. Keep your eyes peeled because Sony's offering many rewards, including free digital games to "welcome back" its loyal customers and thank them for being patient while service restoration was in progress. Also, don't forget that Sony's also offering free identity protection to monitor your credit cards and other personal information that may have been stolen and compromised alongside the hack attacks.

Meanwhile, cyber-attacks on other gaming corporations such as on Eidos last week reminds us that nothing is ever truly secure. Sony's services might be online and operating at near-full capacity for now, but the attacks have been a real eye-opener for everyone — that is — getting hacked can happen to anyone or any company. So the nightmare might be over for now, but it still has a chance to return another day with an even more twisted grip.

Via Official PlayStation Blog

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