PlayStation Network fully armed, operational by week's end

It's been a long month and some change for Sony. The company's PlayStation Network — which not only allows online play but drives the console's commerce through its store, as well — buckled under an unprecedented attack from hackers. Now Sony says the Network will be back this week, but there's some worry it could be targeted again.

Sony said the company has "implemented considerable security enhancements" in a statement late Monday, which definitely makes sense after being knocked down for over a month and seeing millions of user accounts compromised — some of which were attached to credit cards, mind you.

Well, Sony pledges to restore the service fully worldwide, except for in Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea, where governments have stepped in and imposed more strict guidelines over security concerns. It's worth noting that the ability to play online was restored in spots over the last two weeks, though the PlayStation Store being down means that any pre-order downloadable content, for instance — a big early selling point for recent titles such as Mortal Kombat, L.A. Noire and Brink — wasn't redeemable.

Some worry that Sony's biggest test is still ahead, however. The push to restore the PlayStation Network and store comes right before E3, the biggest gaming convention of the year and an arena where Sony holds one of the biggest conferences alongside Microsoft and Nintendo. Having it up by then would certainly be a relief for the company, but that means that it has to stay live. If another attack brought it down, that'd be devastation to the confidence of Sony's customers.

PlayStation Blog, via CNET and RegHardware

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