Personal bike lane follows you wherever you ride

Remember the personal "LightLane" bike lane? Sick of Prague's inadequate amounts of bike lanes, two artists decided to turn that concept idea into a real working project with a portable pico projector.

Like the LightLane, this DIY bike lane projector created by Czech Republic-based artists Vladimir Turner and Ondrej Mlady is handy for bikers who ride around at night. The projector beams a bike lane onto the pavement to let vehicles on the road know that there a rider is on a bicycle. Most importantly, it promotes safer biking where light is limited.

Unlike the LightLane, Turner and Mlady's projector bike lane only beams from the front, but it shouldn't be too difficult for them to add a second projector to the back of the bike.

The DIY bike lane looks simple enough to implement, so when is someone going to start selling these? Better yet, just build the projector into the bike's frame!

Flickr, Animal NY and Rebel Art, via Gizmodo

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