Nvidia offers cheaper 3D glasses, forgets people hate wires

We know 3D glasses are uncomfortable, often heavy and expensive, but for better or worse, some people enjoy 3D content and they need extra pairs for others to enjoy it with them. Nvidia's new 3D Vision glasses start at an affordable $99, but bring back another annoyance: the wire.

Within the last few years, most of our gadgets have transitioned from wired to wireless and it's been great — our homes are less cluttered and we have the freedom to enjoy our gadgets from anywhere. That's why it's a little hard for us to understand why Nvidia is selling wired 3D glasses.

Nvidia's glasses are still high-quality active shutter 3D glasses that hug your face without being too uncomfortable, but is $50 really worth the trade-off for a 10-foot long USB cable (admittedly a really thin one, which look like it could easily rip) tucked onto one end of the glasses? Maybe, maybe not.

Personally, we like Samsung's world's lightest 3D glasses the most, but then again, those aren't $99 now are they? You be the judge, would you sacrifice $50 for less movement freedom or just drop down the full $150 for the wireless ones?


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