NVIDIA helps bring 3D to YouTube, for better or worse

I will admit to being a 3D skeptic; I think it's a gimmick driven by hardware manufacturers trying to trick people into thinking their perfectly fine TVs, computers and phones need to be replaced. But hey, maybe I'm just jaded! If so, this news about 3D YouTube is pretty exciting.

NVIDIA and YouTube have announced that 3D is indeed coming to the streaming service, although you'll need a pretty specific setup for it to work. Specifically, 3D will work on NVIDIA 3D Vision PCs running Firefox 4. So: you'll need a"NVIDIA GeForce GPU-equipped machine, sporting driver release 275 or later, a 3D Vision monitor, notebook, projector, or DLP HDTV, and Firefox 4 with streaming HTML5." Oh, that's all? Perfect, I'm in!

I'm sure more computers and browsers will make this available in the not-too-distant future, so don't go throwing your current laptop away for something so, uh, cool.

NVIDIA via Engadget

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