Nazis might have filmed Olympic track races with 3D cams

Long before Sony decided to film the 2010 FIFA World Cup in 3D, there was another, eviler group, that invested in stereoscopic technology for sports events: the Nazis. A new report says Hitler's Third Reich built a 3D camera to "accurately time events and identify winners in photo finishes."

Apparently completely shocked and ashamed of Jesse Owens' outstanding track wins, the Nazis built a twin-camera Zeiss Ikon system that could be developed in seven minutes for referee review. That's quite an impressive camera created just to confirm a track winner. I guess the Nazis must have thought seeing footage in regular old 2D deceived their eyes.

Then again, actual footage from the 3D cam used to record Jesse Owens' races remain undiscovered, so it could all just be a myth. Still, it's crazy to think that the Nazi's were so technologically advanced way back then right? Imagine how much more bleeding-edge our tech would have evolved into if the Nazi's weren't a crazy regime, hell-bent on taking over the world. Yeah, we could all be enjoying recorded footage in 4D or even 10D by now.

Via Variety

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