Navy SEAL dogs in the Osama raid wore vests with high-tech gear

Yes, we know that those big bad Navy SEAL dogs don't really have any titanium fangs, but you know what they did have? Apparently, they wore special stab-resistant K9 Storm vests that are packed with all sorts of gizmos and high-tech gadgetry, including high-def night vision cams.

It's not hard to believe the Navy SEAL dogs that helped take down Osama bin Laden wear tech-loaded bulletproof vests made from kevlar with built in harnesses for parachuting and rappelling. The sewn-in night vision cam is supposedly waterproof and shoots stable footage, allowing the dog's handler to view what the dog sees remotely.

As if that wasn't enough, there's also a two-way radio used to issue commands to dogs that run ahead and scout out situations. Let's not forget that each vest can cost almost $30,000. You could buy a Toyota with that kind of money!

Then again, these aren't regular old dogs, these are military dogs and such, they deserve only the best.

MSNBC, via DefenseTech

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