Musicmask is a really expensive way to close your eyes

How much would you pay to close your eyes? Sounds like a ridiculous question, but for audiophiles, it looks like the answer is about $45. The Dutch made Musicmask may look like a pair of sunglasses, but they are completely opaque, blocking all light and essentially making you blind.

The basic idea is that by blocking out all visual stimuli, your sense of hearing becomes more focused without any distractions in your field of vision. That makes sense to me, and I have been known to close my eyes when I'm listening intently to music. My only question is why you need a $45 pair of "glasses" to do this?

Unlike some of us here at Dvice I'm an unapologetic audiophile, but it drives me nuts when someone comes up with a really expensive tweak solution for something that should really be almost free.

Instead of spending $45 on a Musicmask you could close your eyes for free, you could turn off the lights which will actually save money, or you could use that sleep mask left over from your last redeye flight. The Musicmask people point out that their device lets you block your vision while keeping your eyes open, to which I would suggest a pair of those wraparound sunglasses that Grandmothers like to wear, and a can of black spray paint. Total cost will be about $5, and I promise you won't look any more dorky.

Musicmask, via The Audiophiliac

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