Modified 18-wheeler designed to charge 2,000 phones at once

From the U.K.'s Vodafone comes this colossal phone charger (or a rather standard-sized 18-wheeler, depending on how you look at it). It weighs 44 tons, has a retractable staircase and also a secure bank of lockers that can charge 2,000 cellphones of different makes all at once.

Vodafone calls it the VIP recharging truck, and the plan is to roll up to festivals around the U.K. so that customers can charge their phones, including Android handsets, iPhones, BlackBerry phones or what-have-you. There are 11 festivals in the truck's future, and Vodafone estimates they could charge as many as 72,000 phones all told. Unless, you know, drunken revelers at the first concert flip this thing and light it on fire.

The interior looks pretty sweet, actually. Check it out in the gallery below, or see a video of the VIP truck by clicking this link.

TheNextWeb, via SlashGear, via Fast Company

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