Modder stuffs a crazy powerful PC into a desk

What computer is all glass and aluminum and looks sexy as hell? No, it's not an iMac; it's this "L3P D3SK" made by a fella named Peter from the Netherlands. Yep, he shoved an entire computing rig directly into a desk. In terms of style points, the L3P D3SK beats the pants off this PC in a desk.

Looking within the glowing desk, you'll find 10TB of storage and a Core i7 processor that can be overclocked to 4.5GHz+. Oh, and Peter says the entire thing is silent as a mouse thanks to its water-cooled system and 17 fans. Jeebus! Peter even tossed in a three-monitor set-up to make this thing a regular Batman command center.

Want one of your very own? You're out of luck buddy, because Peter only made one and he's not selling it. Maybe if you have seven months of your own free time, you can build your very own. And now for some pics...

Coolermaster and Tweakers, via Lifehacker

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