Microsoft details the newest version of Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has just unveiled Mango, the codename for Windows Phone 7.1. This is the first major update to Microsoft's mobile platform, and it's got a host of new features for people to fiddle around with.

There are a few major things to look out for here. First is a newly updated version of Internet Explorer, one that promises super fast speeds, especially for pages that integrate HTML 5. It also has tighter Bing integration for things like local searches as well as "Bing Vision," which is similar to Google Goggles in that it allows you to look up objects such as books using the camera.

There's also tighter app integration into the OS itself, with real-time info from apps available on homescreen tiles, and search results able to go directly into relevant apps, such as store and media apps.

You'll also fight some fancy social media integration. You'll be able to set up groups of friends in a tile on the home screen, and with a tap you'll see all of their most recent emails, texts, and updates on various social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, there are linked inboxes that allow you to group multiple email accounts together in one place.

Overall, it's a substantial overhaul to the phone OS, one that current users should be looking forward to when it drops this fall.

Via Engadget

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