Lasers set a new record transferring data at blazing fast speeds

Researchers have set a new record for data transfer speeds using a single laser, shooting some data around at an absolutely insane 26 terabits per second.

If you're not quite sure how fast that is, let's just say that there's pretty much no one out there with enough data stored up on their personal computers that would take longer than a fraction of a second to transfer at those speeds. We're talking about dozens upon dozens of full-HD video files, all transferred in a snap. If the cable connecting your iPhone to your computer was this fast, it would have your entire phone filled up with apps, music and videos in about as long as it took your finger to release from the button it pressed to start the transfer. So yeah, fast.

Of course, we're pretty far away from lasers transferring data to your iPhone. But such high-level experiments are paving the way for new methods of data transfer that will eventually trickle down to consumers, and anything that'll save me a few minutes of waiting for files to transfer is A-OK with me.

BBC via Slashdot

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