iPod hotel offers space station experience on earth

One of the coolest things about modern travel is experiencing the cool new designer hotels around the world. But if you've ever dreamed of spending a weekend aboard your sci-fi vision of a space station, the Yotel should be your first stop.

Based in England, the Yotel calls itself the iPod of the hotel industry and the claim isn't far off the mark. With space capsule bed nooks, rounded corners on nearly everything, and a computerized self-serve check-in system, the hotel is indeed primed to point the way for the future of geek tourism. The good news is that if you have no plans to travel outside of the U.S., starting in June you will be able to experience the Yotel in New York City for about $379 per night, more information here, and you can see a video walkthrough of the UK Yotel in the video below.

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