iPhone 5 might get a curved glass display

Just in time for the morning crunch, here's your new iPhone 5 rumor. According to DigiTimes, Apple's recent purchase of 200-300 glass cutting machines could point to a curved display in the iPhone 5. Let's take a look at the feasibility of such a rumor.

It seems preposterous that Apple would include a curved display in its iPhone 5, until you recall that Apple's old fourth and fifth-generation iPod Nano's had curved displays. Yep, curved displays are nothing new for Apple. Let's also not forget that Samsung uses 'em and Google's Nexus S smartphone also has a curved glass display. A curved display on an iPhone; now that would be a huge departure from its current flat design.

But, why would Apple go with a curved display? It could have to do with privacy.

As Patently Apple recently spotted, Apple filed a patent for a "privacy" mode for future displays. In theory, a curved glass display could prevent, say, subway riders sitting next to you from getting a sneaky glance at what you're watching or reading. The only downside to such a solution is that viewing angles would be largely diminished, as a curved screen would likely dim out towards its curve. But really, who's using their iPhone at such odd angles anyway?

Or, that curved back on the iPhone 5 we've heard about? These special glass cutting machines could be used for curved glass back. Apple's been known to taper its gadgets as much as possible to make "thinner" claims, so anything could be in the cards.

It's a bit crazy to be obsessing over iPhone 5 rumors, especially, since we strongly believe the next iPhone will be a spec-bump with a larger screen called the "iPhone 4S," but it's all interesting, to say the least. An iPhone with such a radical shift in design would probably not arrive until next year. Apple's invested a lot into the steel and glass iPhone 4 design; ditching it after only one year doesn't seem likely.

DigiTimes, via Cult of Mac

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