Image of the Day: $24 million 'green' gym

The Sports Academy, located in Scunthorpe, U.K., is scheduled for completion in July of this year. Drawing heavily from the surrounding landscape, this $24 million dollar sports complex will have some very unique characteristics:

Six dome-shaped pods covered with heather and grass shelter the swimming pool, sports hall, fitness suite, dance studio, and climbing column. According to architects Andrew Wright Associates, this structure offers the smallest possible surface area, keeping the costs and energy involved in supplying building materials to a minimum.

…The Academy will draw on its surroundings for natural light and ventilation, as well as 80 percent of its anticipated heating needs, which will be generated by local wood chippings and ground source heat pumps. The plans also include a lagoon, green corridors to connect new habitats, and greywater collection from the showers to supply external water features.

Sounds pretty good. Why don't we have gyms like this in the United States?

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