Capsule house concept would fit right in on Coruscant

No matter how fancy your apartment is or what kind of view it has, unless it can be airlifted anywhere in the world at a moment's notice while continuing to be perfectly comfortable and self-sustaining, it's got nothing on this Living Roof capsule.

The Living Roof capsule is a 28 foot long personal habitation pod that's intended to be perched on top of otherwise empty roofs in urban areas. What's cool about it, though, is that thanks to a blanket of solar panels and some wind turbines, the pod can generate more than enough power for itself. It even collects rainwater. So you're not tied to one rooftop in particular, or one place in particular, or even an urban area at all... Just call in your friendly neighborhood heavy-lifting blimp and change your place of residence to wherever you feel like going.

Inside, the pod uses lots of little tricks to maximize space, like a revolving platform that can turn into a couch or a bed or move up out of the way if you want to get some work done. See how it works, along with a bunch more pics, in the gallery below.

Nau Architects, via Fastco Design

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