Huge Xoom controlled Labyrinth doesn't make the game any easier

Remember when gaming was analog, with games like Labyrinth where you had to steer a little ball around a wooden maze while avoiding the holes? Well even this simplest of games has gone high-tech thanks to this giant Android controlled version that uses a bowling ball, built for the Google I/O event in San Francisco.

The setup uses Google's new Android Open Accessory to couple the Android based Xoom tablet with an Arduino processor. The AOA compiles information from the Xoom's camera, accelerometer, GPS, gyroscope, microphone, and anything else it can think of, to provide much more sensitive results than using any one of these inputs alone. If you've ever played the regular lap-sized version of Labyrinth, you'll know why sensitivity is so important.

I wonder what they plan to do with this thing after Google I/O is over? I think it would look good in the Dvice lunch room.

Via PopSci

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