Hackers plan third round of attacks on Sony

Did you hear the news? Sony's fighting for its life to stay afloat amidst all the network attacks and security compromises dealt to it by hackers. Just as Sony is "finalizing" its security to restore service to PlayStation Network, news of a third attack on Sony is eeking out. Man, Sony just can't catch a break.

CNET is reporting that a group of hackers spotted by an observer on IRC told them that a third major attack is scheduled to take down Sony's website this weekend. Even more devious are the hacker's plans to release personal customer information stolen from the PlayStation Network attacks.

In a congressional hearing, Sony's Kaz Hirai pointed the fingers at Anonymous, a decentralized hacking group that originally took PSN down briefly and brought Sony's websites to their knees. Anonymous has of course denied it was involved with the recent PSN outage, issuing a press release stating it's being framed.

Sony's enlisted the help of the FBI and three private security specialist firms to investigate and track down who was behind the PSN breach, but so far nothing has been unveiled yet. PlayStation fans are already extremely angry by the two-week and counting downtime and a third attack would only delay PSN's restoration even longer.

It's a lousy time to be Sony and a PlayStation gamer who plays online. Even though a hack against Microsoft and Nintendo is entirely possible as well (it can happen to anyone), it must feel good for both of them to see Sony struggling just as sales of it's PS3 were beginning to catch up to the Xbox 360.


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