Guy makes life-sized District 9 Arc Gun out of Lego

It's often said the best type of toy is the one that keeps on giving for many years to come. If that's the case, then Lego blocks definitely sit very high on that list. Take this wicked cool, life-sized District 9 Arc Gun made from Lego blocks. It just oozes of awesomeness.

Without getting too nerdy about it, the Arc Gun (often called a "Mulcher") is basically a piece of alien weaponry with the ability to shoot protonic current. One shot from this baby and its target will pretty much explode in splattery goodness. As a weapon from outer space, human's can't handle Arc Gun, unless you're District 9's main character, MNU field operative Wikus.

Here's one more shot of the Lego gun replica:


Anybody else feel like Lego's missing out on a lot of opportunities to bring to market some awesome Lego kits based off District 9's sweet arsenal?

Flickr, via Technabob

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