Get yourself a 52-inch glasses-free 3D TV for only $21,000

I think it's a safe assumption that 3D TVs that require viewers to wear 3D glasses aren't going to be around for too long. People don't want to spend $150 a pop on the things, and they just hurt the overall viewing experience. Luckily, people are hard at work on glasses-free TV, and we're starting to see some sets that offer up 3D viewing with no glasses required.

Nissho, a Japanese company, is set to start selling a new 52-inch 3D HD TV that doesn't require glasses. The set uses Dimenco's 3D tech, which was created by a group of former Philips employees.

I'm not sure how the set looks, but I do know how much it costs: a lot. About $21,000, to be exact. That's a whole lot of money for a TV with relatively untested tech on board, but hey, if you really want 3D in your home and really don't want to wear 3D glasses, you don't have too many options at this point. But you can expect many more sets like this, with better tech and lower prices, in the coming years.

Nissho Electronics via Engadget

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