Get 4G speeds on an iPhone 4 with the WiMax Egg sleeve

Want to join the 4G speed club, but stuck with the iPhone 4 that only tops out at 3G speeds? Korean Telecom has a WiMax Egg sleeve that'll boost data speeds and longer battery life for your iPhone 4.

Setup couldn't be easier. Just plug in the WiMax Egg sleeve through the iPhone 4's 30-pin port and you're good to go. To solve the problem that is 4G speeds sucking up battery juice like a hungry octopus, the WiMax Egg sleeve also doubles as a rechargeable battery that'll increase the iPhone 4's battery by another five hours with 4G on. It's like a 4G-enabled Mophie battery pack!

Got your wallet out and ready to hit that "Add to Cart" button? Unless you live in South Korea, you won't be able to buy a WiMax Egg sleeve. But if you do live in SK, then the sleeve will set you back about $130.

Korea Telecom, via AkihabaraNews

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