Fukushima Plate warns you of radioactive levels in your food

Worried about eating radioactive food from Fukushima? Today's your lucky day because Nils Ferber has a really useful concept for you. Meet the Fukushima Plate — a special plate with a radioactive meter and OLEDs that tell you just how safe your food is for eating.

The concept is relatively simple. Each plate is equipped with three ring-shaped OLEDs with each ring indicating a different level of radiation. Simply place the food on the plate and the radioactive meter will measure its radiation and output the appropriate ring indicator. Never eat radioactive food again!

Keep in mind that this plate is just a concept and doesn't exist. In reality, there really shouldn't be much to worry about in terms of the radiation-free food coming from Fukushima or anywhere else in Japan. Eating a strawberry grown about 30 miles from the Fukushima nuclear plants, Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said, "Only safe food is being distributed. Please eat it."

But if you still don't believe, maybe you can find someone to make a Fukushima Plate for you.

Nils Ferber, via Gothamist

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