Famous sci-fi movies get the Ikea instruction manual treatment

Building Ikea furniture is all in a day's work. Building a DeLorean or a Lightsaber requires a little more technical know-how. That's why the funny kids over at CollegeHumor decided to put together these fake "Ikea-style" instruction manuals on how to build creations from some of the most popular sci-fi movies.

Each creation even comes with its own Swedish name: DeLorean is Djiloriann, dinosaur is dindasür, Lightsaber is Litsabbur and time machine is Tsjardiis. These manuals are strictly for the funnies, so if you don't have a sense of humor, don't look.

Best of all no Jar Jar Binks is required for the Lightsaber, a "wibbly wobbly" is needed for the time machine and 1,255 cows and $15,000,000 is needed for a T-Rex. Awesome!

Via CollegeHumor

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