'Espresso Gun' delivers an actual shot of caffeine every morning

You feeling caffeinated, punk? Well, you could, if you blasted your coffee cup with this surprisingly well-thought-out espresso gun concept.

Called "il Tiro," which we think translates roughly into "the shooter" from Spanish Italian (anyone? Google is a little confused here), the concept works a lot like an espresso maker would. Your water goes into the gun's handle and prepared coffee into one of the pistol's chambers. Just set the temperature for the water, wait a little bit, then trigger a shot of espresso into your cup. The grinding of beans is handled by a dock which houses il Tiro, and it looks like you could get three shots out of it before you have to reload.

The espresso gun is a concept by designers Stefan Riegebauer, Christina Carli, Florian Kainz and Niko Schwarz. You can see more on how it works in the gallery and video below.

il Tiro, via Yanko Design

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