Dual blade laser pointer doubles the deadliness of its predecessor

In honor of yesterday's Star Wars Day, of which this writer did nothing to celebrate, Wicked Lasers decided it'd be a good idea to release its new dual blade Spyder III laser as part of its "Sith Series." Oh man, George Lucas is gonna be pissed.

By even labeling the dual blade "Sith Series" is going to put Wicked Lasers in deep water. Lucas and company will not be happy. Clearly inspired by Darth Maul's double bladed lightsaber, the newest Sith Series laser is even advertised as being the "most dangerous and awesome laser [Wicked Lasers] ever created." We agree. As a refresher, these lasers are not toys. They're powerful enough to pop popcorn kernels and blind people. Yes, they can just about kill.

At $600, the Sith Series laser is not cheap, but built to last. Its body is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized in black. Its beam distance is about 6856 meters and it lasts about two hours on one charge. With a one year warranty, there's really not much you'll have to worry about either, although damaging objects and people isn't covered in it.

As an advisory, we'd suggest not running around like a goon and trying to finish off your neighborhood Qui-Gon Jinns or you'll find yourself in the slammer. Don't forget the safety goggles and May the 4th be with you. I'm a little late, but who cares!

Wicked Lasers, via Obvious Winner

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