Diabolical alarm clock shreds your hard-earned money

After seeing our 15 sinister alarm clocks that hate your guts, you probably thought you'd seen the meanest clocks in town. Not so, it turns out — this little guy here may just take the cake.

So, the concept here is pretty straight forward: if you want to sleep in, you're going to pay for it. Start snoozing and whatever bill you placed in there the night before starts getting ripped up. Just looking at the image above is painful enough, but the sound of your honest dollar getting shredded is a pretty motivating one, we imagine.

As Mashable's Charlie White points out, the willful destruction of U.S. currency happens to be a federal crime, but, hey, that just means more pressure to wake up!

We weren't able to track down the designer on this one, but we're pretty sure it's just a concept at this time.

AcidCow, via Mashable

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