Death of the iWatch? Next iPod Nano gains a cam, loses its clip?

The sixth-gen iPod Nano brought a completely new chassis for the iPod Nano and a gang of watch bands to turn it into an iWatch. Another purported shot of the seventh-gen iPod Nano is making the rounds and it looks like it'll definitely pack that cam we heard about and possibly lose its handy clip., an online site that has a history of accurately obtaining and publishing photos of Apple's new iPods months ahead of their release says what you see in the photo above is the next iPod Nano. Although we see a faint outline for where a clip could possible be, we suspect including one could obscure the camera so Apple might cut that off.

More important is whether or not many "iWatches" are doomed. Many designers quickly jumped on the bandwagon to produce wristbands in a variety of styles, with many requiring the clip to hold it in place. With a camera on the butt of the new Nano, wearing it like a watch on your wrist would make taking it off for shooting vids a little cumbersome.

The only sure-fire way to know if this iPod Nano is to wait until September for Apple's annual iPod lineup refresh., via ElectricPig

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