Crazy Chinese iPad 2 launch includes an official scalpers area

At Friday's Chinese iPad 2 launch, mayhem ensued as usual. The stores were out of stock within four hours, although those who missed out could still get one at an inflated price from a seller in the official scalpers area.

Apple stores in China usually get the new stuff a few months after stores here in the U.S., but that doesn't mean their fanboys are any less dedicated. Apple store lineups State-side usually look like a bunch of geeks waiting for the first screening of a new Star Wars movie, while in China the scenetends to look far more ominous.

Crowd control for Friday's event appears somewhat less chaotic than at prior Chinese Apple launches, but it looks like they have completely thrown in the towel on the scalper problem, going so far as to offer a special area for resellers to ply their trade.

MIC Gadget, via CrunchGear

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