Bulletproof Russian sports coupe is ideal for tasteless oligarchs

Having a tough time deciding between a slick sports coupe or something more macho like a Hummer? Why not combine both, with this ultra tough looking low slung coupe from those taste challenged folks at Russia's Dartz Prombon.

Designed by someone who apparently only had a ruler to work with, the Dartz Prombon Nagel uses lots of straight lines and sharp creases to accentuate its massive bulk. To me it looks kind of like something Gregor the Oligarch from those DirecTV commercials would drive.

That kind of makes sense because with 2,000 horsepower on tap, Dartz had guys like Gregor with their massive yachts in mind when they designed the Nagel with a little help from those crazy guys over at Gray Design.

Before you start dissing the Nagel as just another wacky concept that will never get built, you should understand that Dartz Prombon has a reputation for actually building their hideous creations.

I just wonder why they chose a name that rhymes with bagel.

Via Autoblog

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