Brick master returns with wearable Lego Master Chief armor

Six months ago, Benny Caulkin earned Internet fame with his wearable Lego Halo Master Chief Helmet. Six months later, he's built himself the rest of the space marine's body armor entirely out of Lego bricks as well. We've got two words for Caulkin: lookin' good!

Now that his Lego armor is done and he can suit up and head out to Lego and other sci-fi conventions in style, Caulkin reflects back on his epic journey. Unsurprisingly, the helmet was the most difficult piece to build because Caulkin needed to make the Lego fit around the motorcycle visor and build proper vents to fit his face.

The entire process involves a lot of velcro, bricks, bricks, and well, more bricks. Caulkin's story is an interesting read if you've got a few minutes to spare (it's not a step-by-step on how to build your own), but we'd much rather stop right now and tell you to hit up the gallery below and coo over all the spandex and plastic brick awesomeness.

Flickr, via Brother's Brick

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