BMW uses lasers to help prevent intersection collisions

One of the most common traffic accidents, is when people make a left turn into the path of an oncoming vehicle. BMW wants to make these accidents less likely using a system called Left Turn Assistant, which scans the road ahead for oncoming vehicles, and can even step on the brakes before you run into the other guy.

The system uses information from the car's GPS navigation and an external camera to determine when you're about to make a left turn, then it will scan the road ahead using lasers for approaching vehicles up to 328-feet away. If you go ahead and start to turn when a vehicle is coming the other way, the system will alert the driver, and if necessary, apply the brakes.

BMW will be demonstrating the system at Intersafe 2, a meeting arranged by consortium of European vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, and safety groups. No word on when this feature will be added to production vehicles, so for now put down the cellphone especially when making turns.

BMW, via Engadget

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