BMW clad in leather is literally one hot car

Most folks love their German luxury cars fast, powerful, sleek and outfitted with only the finest Italian leather seats inside of their cars. This person loves cow skin so much, he decided to pimp the inside and outside of his BMW entirely with it.

Throughout the years, we've seen chrome cars, gold cars, carbon fiber cars, geek cars, green cars, junk cars and more, but we've never seen a leather car. That's right, some person on this planet decided having leather inside of their luxury car wasn't enough, so they had it skinned on the outside as well.

Now, I'm no super car expert, but wouldn't a leathered-up car scorch even more under a hot summer sun? I'd hate to have to touch this BMW's door handles or lift up its car hood for inspection should the whole thing overheat or conk out. And what about if it suddenly starts raining?

Tell us, would you be caught driving this around or is this just another case of excess?

Via Acid Cow

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