Netbooks look to win back your love with super-thin designs

Everybody says netbooks are dead, killed by the new tablet craze. It seems nobody informed Asus because its still cranking Eee PC netbooks out like its 2007. Only now, the Eee PC netbooks are thinner — way thinner.

Netbooks are great because they're small and cheap. Unfortunately, in order to get great battery life out of them, they usually require bulky batteries strapped to their rears. It looks like Asus is borrowing a few cues from Apple's MacBook Air for its new Eee PC netbook. From this one leaked pic, we can tell Asus' new netbooks will be tapered. We can see one at least one USB port and one headphone jack.

Other than that, we haven't a clue as to how large this netbook's screen is, how long its battery lasts, how large its keyboard is, or even what hardware it's running inside. We just know it looks pretty damned thin. Knowing Asus, these netbooks will probably cost under $500 too.

I for one welcome more of these skinny laptops and netbooks. I've used an HP Mini netbook in the past and even at 2.4-pounds, its "fat" one-inch thick profile makes it feel bulky.

Notebook Italia, via Slashgear

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