American Airlines will soon stream video to your mobile device of choice

Although most major airlines do have in-flight screens showing a handful of movies, passengers don't have the flexibility to watch what they want on their own devices. Enter American Airline's plans to offer in-flight video streaming your smartphone, tablet or computer via Wi-Fi.

With such a service, passengers won't be limited to the cramped reclining seats inside of an airplane. Essentially, it'll be in-flight video-on-demand on your own device. Want to watch a movie on your lovely new iPad 2? Go for it. Prefer watching it on your Google Nexus S? You'll be able to use that too. American Airlines plans to carry movies from new DVD releases and recently aired TV shows. In theory, if AA wants in-flight video streaming to take off, it'd probably be a good idea to partner up with Netflix and Hulu.

Pricing hasn't been announced yet, but AA says such a service could cost $3 to $5 for a movie and $1 to $3 to view a TV episode.

Understand that not everybody has the time or tech know-how to rip videos to their devices before hand. For them and anybody who wants to catch, say the latest episode of Saturday Night Live or whatnot, in-flight video streaming will be a godsend.

American Airlines, via PadGadget

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