Amazon's Kindle e-book sales finally surpass printed book ones

It's finally happened. Amazon says that it's selling more Kindle e-books than it is selling print ones. Goodbye paperbacks!

For every 100 print books Amazon sells, it sells 105 Kindle e-books. That's not a huge difference, but that's only the beginning, considering Amazon's sold print books for 15 years and e-books for only four. And how do Kindle e-book sales for this year stack up against last year's? Oh, only that Amazon sold three times more than it did in the same period last year.

It looks like digital books are here to stay.

Why are so many people gobbling up e-books? Well, it could be that the Kindle reader app is available for a range of smartphones, tablets and computers as well as the Kindle e-reader. With talk of Amazon making its own tablets, the company is only going to sell even more e-books.

We fully expect to see print books drowning in a year's time. Trust us, it's going to happen.

Via Geeky Gadgets

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