Amazing X-Wing Fighter soapbox derby car only costs $75 to make

Designs for soapbox derby cars have been known to turn some heads, but none have caught and held our attention longer than this X-Wing Fighter. "The Papier Boy's" X-Wing doesn't just look amazing, but it also has a rotatable R2-D2 that's controlled by a re-wired NES controller. The Force is definitely strong with this fighter.

Built for the 2011 Nazareth Adult Soapbox Derby, this X-Wing Fighter is definitely one of a kind. For added geekiness, Papier Boy modded an NES controller to a styrofoam R2-D2 head. When the controller's A and B buttons are pressed at the same time, the little droid rotates for 15 seconds. It's a nice touch if you ask us!

Of course, Papier Boy could have just stopped at making his derby car resemble an X-Wing, but he wanted to "feel heroic" speeding down a hill, so he hooked up an iPod with R2-D2 sound effects to create even more tension when he crossed the finish line (although the main Star Wars theme song would have been even more epic). Unfortunately, his plans for wings that opened and closed had to be scrapped due to budget and time constraints. Maybe in version 2.0?

What's even more impressive is how cheap this beautiful derby car is. The whole entire thing only cost about $75 in parts (iPod not included)!

Check out Papier Boy's drool-worthy soapbox derby in the pics below. For more info on the construction process, you can also hit up his Instructables page. The dude's talented, no doubt about that. Let's see a TIE Fighter derby car next!

Via Instructables

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