All-terrain 'powerboard' takes skateboarding off-road

I bet you forgot all about the Scarpar from five years back right? Fear not, the electric skateboard that can trod virtually on any terrain received a new facelift and comes in two models.

For $2,800, you can get a Model S with twin 750-watt motors and a max speed of 18 miles per hour or for an extra one grand, you can move up a class to the Model X with dual 1.0-kilowatt motors capable of 28 miles per hour. Both options look to deliver an extreme adrenaline rush.

Looks slick and beastly, right? Hold it just a minute because the Scarpar weighs about 120 pounds (can hold a max weight of 242 pounds) and is about 59-inches long by 20-inches wide.

Still, until hoverboards are invented, the Scarpar will probably be the next best thing. Pre-orders start now for $500 for the Model S and $600 for the Model X.

Scarpar, via Engadget

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