A virus that could help you lose weight

Generally, you want to avoid getting infected with a virus. But a new study shows that scientists could use a virus to trick your brain into making you less hungry. Hey, it's easier than exercising!

Researchers at Johns Hopkins injected mice with a virus that inhibits the neuropeptide Y protein, which is linked to appetite and hunger. Those rats ate and weighted less than rats without the virus. But wait, it gets better!

By giving the infected rats an insanely high calorie diet, the researchers found something unexpected: rather than the usual build-up of white fat at the base of the tail, there were indicators that the rats were forming brown fat, which is much easier for the body to burn through than the stuff that usually builds up around our bellies.
OK, I'm on board. Someone with this thing come on over and sneeze in my face.

Cell via io9

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