Impressive sci-fi motorcycle helmets light up, change your voice

As if soaring down the highway on a Harley Davidson motorcycle isn't all sorts of badass already, YouTuber Tigerpause444 created these six modified motorcycle helmets that take inspiration from a handful of geek movie and video game hits. These head protectors don't just look cool, some light up and change your voice too.

If you see someone riding down on a hopper with one of these helmets, you'll know it's Tigerpause444. The dude ripped apart a few Transformers, Iron Man and Star Wars masks and strapped them onto motorcycle helmets. With a little wire rearranging and a few paint jobs here and there, they remained mostly faithful to their on-screen counterparts.

Note: Tigerpause444 reminds everyone that bolting screws into a helmet violates Department of Transportation rules and could lead to modified helmet wearers getting a ticket if caught on a motorcycle with them. He also warns that these helmets are not going to protect your noggin from the dangers on the road.

To really get a sense of how awesome each helmet is, click each helmet's corresponding "VIDEO" link.

Via YouTube

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