You can't handle Toshiba's 3D spectacle

3D glasses are just so annoying and stupid, aren't they? That's why Toshiba has made 3D literally twice as awesome by condensing all the magic of the third dimension into... Wait for it... The Spectacle.

Yes, it's the Toshiba Spectacle, the world's first 3D monocle. How does it work, you ask? It's really quite simple, relying on little more than two triangular polarizing lenses melded in parallel. And the effect is incredible, according to Toshiba:

"With the Spectacle, you'll experience one-eyed 3D so real, you'd think you were using both eyes!"

Important Consumer Notice: To avoid injury do not wave your arms, jump out of your chair or sit near objects that could be broken if accidentally hit. Viewers should space themselves a safe distance from each other to avoid embarrassing situations during 3D viewing. Refrain from using two Toshiba Spectacle 3D devices simultaneously in each eye. Doing so may cause each device to render the corresponding 3D image in 3D yet again, resulting in an uncomfortable and infinite loop.

Yeah, that would be like 9D, which means that you'd be able to see through walls and shoot lasers out of your eyeballs. And that's dangerous, yo.

Via Toshiba

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