Wooden bike is set to break the world land speed record

The land speed record for 100 percent wooden bikes that is. Who knew there even was such a thing? Well apparently there is, and to break it, the aptly named Splinter Bike will have to hit 31-mph.

Built by Michael Thompson for his triathlete buddy James Tully on a dare, the Splinter Bike uses only wood and glue in its construction, with absolutely no metal parts like some of those other wooden bikes we've seen.

I was wondering how they would make a wooden rim grip the road, but they seem to have found a solution by coating the "tire" area with the same type of glue used to hold the wooden parts together. They got around needing a chain by using a giant fixed wooden gear drive system.

Now that the Splinter Bike is complete, they are looking for donations and sponsors to help fund their record attempt.

Splinter Bike, via Born Rich

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