Why can't all billboards be powered by oranges like this one?

For creatives, there's never a shortage of whimsical ideas to work with on ads. This billboard for Tropicana orange juice takes the cake, er...oranges because it's naturally powered by thousands of...er, the juicy fruit.

Created by advertising agency DDB, the spot uses the energy from a bucketload of oranges to power a neon sign. While anybody who's dabbled with fruit or veggie-powered science projects in the first grade will laugh at the simple design, the billboard actually took over three months of testing to bring to fruition. In addition to the oranges, the board uses "several thousand spikes of copper and zinc to make a giant mult-cell battery" with enough juice to illuminate the sign.

Among today's sea of drab advertorial posters, Tropicana's natural-powered billboard looks quite refreshing. I think I might just go and buy some OJ.

I Believe In Advertising, via Designbuzz

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