Wall-mountable Wii is water cooled

The Nintendo Wii is a very small gaming console when put up next to a PS3 and Xbox 360. It's also very quiet and cool. Modder Angel OD couldn't find any water-cooled Wii, so he took it upon himself to be the first to make one. Here's his metallic baby.

After gutting all the parts from the littlest console of this generation, Angel OD built a new metal chassis and added dual water-tubes to its sides, giving it that evil made scientist motif. Oh, and it's wall-mountable too — for when friends come over.

The end product called the "UNLimted Edition" looks snazzy enough, but we have to wonder if this is excessive for the Wii. There's a reason the Wii doesn't really need any third-party extra cooling fans or water coolers — it's small package barely generates any heat (at least mine doesn't).

At its inception, Nintendo said that it was shooting for a console the size of three DVD cases stacked together. The final Wii was slightly larger than that target, but still tiny by next-gen standards. But bravo to Angel OD, this Wii mod is definitely one of the sexiest ones we've come across, even if it does add more bulk to the console.

bit-tech, via Kotaku

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