Vertical hanger straps bicycles to buildings

It's a known fact that in many parts of Asia, bikes are easier and more affordable for getting people from point A to B. All those bikes need bike racks. Problem is, bike racks hog up sidewalk space. Instead of cluttering up the streets, this design moves the bike rack from the street to the side of a building.

Designed to solve the growing population of bikes, MANIFESTO Architecture P.C. designed this vertical hanger to take advantage of unused spaces in Seoul, Korea. In a region where space is limited, maximizing unused space for expansion is vital.

And the entire thing is green too - the bike rack is pedal powered. It works like a ferris-wheel with an operator pedaling on a bike nearby to rotate the bikes!

What do you think? Would you like to see these bike racks pop up in the US or would they uglify our urbanscapes? In the future, you won't have to remember what street you locked your bike onto, but rather which building. "Oh, on the side of Macys!"

Archdaily, via FastCo Design

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