Unreal Engine 3 trailer makes me want a next-gen game console NOW

Sure, the current generation of video game consoles are still pretty impressive. But to be human is to never be satisfied, to always be wanting more, and more is just what this trailer for the current Unreal Engine 3 delivers when coupled with new DirectX 11 features. Video after the jump.

The Unreal Engine is what many popular video games are made with, so what you're looking at is a taste of what to expect in the coming years. As hardware gets beefier, graphics are only going to get more impressive and games will only get more immersive. And I, for one, am very excited.

Just think: this is what's being done with the current iteration of the Unreal Engine, to boot. The next version promises to be even sweeter — it's been in development since 2003. We're going to need more than today's Xbox 360s and PlayStation 3s to take advantage of it, though.

Via CrunchGear

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