Trumpet speaker blasts your iPhone's music across the room

With a speaker hole that's about the size of a grain of rice, it's not surprising that the iPhone 4 can't exactly generate room filling sound. While most people simply add a dock to amp up the sound, this horn speaker made from an old discarded trumpet is way cooler.

Created by artist Christopher Locke, the Analog Tele-Phonograher doesn't need to be plugged in, as it simply amplifies the existing speaker's volume in much the same way as cupping your hands around your mouth when you want to yell at someone far away.

While this isn't exactly the first horn iPhone 4 Speaker we've seen, it's got to be far and away the coolest looking.

Unfortunately that coolness comes at a price, because Christopher sells each hand made Analog Tele-Phonographer for about $400. Hey, as art goes, that's actually pretty cheap.

Christopher Locke's Heartless Machine, via Treehugger

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